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There’s little doubt that we Baby Boomers are in a bit of a quandary. We may not feel like we’re getting older, but the mirror tells us otherwise. Some of us have retired, while others of us are looking forward to the day when we close our office door and walk out of the building for the last time. All of the evidence suggests that we’ll live at least another quarter of a century after retirement, and most of us have plans for living life to the fullest.

We’ll be traveling, volunteering, and enjoying our grandchildren. We’ll also follow our passions, which may lead us down a path of exploring new hobbies, starting a new business, or taking on a part-time job on our own terms. The linchpin to all of our dreams and aspirations, though, is our ability to stay healthy and fit. That’s why an anti-aging supplement is high on the “must have” list of most Baby Boomers.

When it comes to stopping and reversing the signs of aging, an antioxidant formula is key. Anti-aging products that neglect antioxidants simply aren’t worth our time or money. Why antioxidants products? To appreciate the importance of antioxidants, it’s crucial to understand the underlying factors of the aging process. The primary component of aging is cell damage. As we get older, cell division gets off-track. Cells stop dividing because they have a certain lifespan, and can only divide for a certain number of times. After a cell stops dividing, it eventually dies. While cells sometimes die to make room for new cells, other times the dead cells are not replaced. So, for example, certain organs – the kidneys and liver, for example – simply lose cells over time.

But cell damage doesn’t only occur because cells “wear out” over time. Indeed, damage is often the result of environmental factors, like excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, air pollution, and so forth. When cells are damaged, oxygen molecules get off-kilter, creating what are called “free radicals.” These free radicals careen around the body, damaging the cells in their path.

The challenge in combating free radical damage – a primary cause of cell damage and aging – is to provide your body with the soldiers it needs to battle free radicals and emerge victorious. These soldiers are antioxidants. While we can consume foods with antioxidant properties, we often need an anti-aging natural supplement to provide us with enough antioxidants to combat the effects of free radical damage.

When you’re shopping for supplements, look for one that contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and herbs that have antioxidant properties. Because the aging process also involves a decline in human growth hormone and an increase in inflammation, make sure that the anti-aging supplement you choose has ingredients that will stimulate the body’s growth hormones and that neutralizes inflammation.

With the right anti-aging natural supplement, Baby Boomers can help nature along to ensure that we enjoy all that retirement has to offer.

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